Nov 28, 2011

Turkish Bora Aksu graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2002. The following year he made his catwalk debut during the off-shedule shows at London Fashion Week, as a result of which he received the Thop shop New Generation Award. Aksu's signature style is described as romanticism with a darker edge. His clothes are inherently modern, fusing complex cutting techniques with minimal seaming and mixing soft and stiff fabrics with delicate details.

An illustration from Bora Aksu's sketchbook for the Autumn/Winter 09-10 collection. The illustration portrays the Victorian influences within the collection along with the nomadic references. It was made to demonstrate the mood of the collection and is entitled "Picnic at Hanging Rock".

Is there a spesific time of day when you are most creative?
I think it's always at night. During the day, it's more about resolving ideas and dealing with everyday stuff and the studio is always full of people. But at night I can focus and have clear ideas.

Does your design process involve photography, drawing or reading?
I try not to put any limits on my design process. Inspiration is something that needs to move freely.

What materials are essential to your working methods?
Whether I am in my studio or outside, I need to have loads of white A4 paper with 0.5 pencils.

How would you describe your design process?
My design process is a visual evolution that blends with many different elements. It is important to know your own design language.

Do you have sources of inspration that you always revisit?
I do like contrasts a lot. I find it interesting how contrasts work so well together. And, I usually draw inspration from personal memories. With regard to revisited sources, I would say the 1970s punk era, the late Edwardian period and everyday items such as tea towels. I am always drawn to movies, colours and styling from the 1970s. There is a naive innocence but also a strange awakening that you find in many movies from this period and I think the colours reflect that really well.

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